English is great!

Hello and welcome to my blog.

This is really exciting for me as I’m on a new journey and it is all thanks to, well English! I’ve recently started college all thanks to my best friend ( holding my hand as I was terrified!) Joining me at an open evening at Telford College of Arts and Technology. I am currently studying maths and English at GCSE level and hoping in June when I take my exams ( oh wow that’s really flipping soon!!)  To get above C grades in both subjects to start the ball rolling. I’ve come to the conclusion that my new found love is English, sorry maths, but English all the way! I’ve always liked reading and I’m fairly creative, normally with drawing and crafts but I have now turned my creativity to writing. I will be adding some of my creative stories and work from college so feel free to comment, I need all the support and help I can get. I do have 3 lovely ( but wild children) so be patient with me while I get into the swing of blogging!

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