Dark mind??

Hi readers, I need you….. I’m finding it easier to write about dystopian places and scenes other than utopia?? Do you have this problem? Is that bad? Ha! do I have a negative thought process or just watch too much The Walking Dead! Who knows, which is kind of strange as my usual choice in fiction to read is Young Adult. I hate to admit but I do love a good fantasy with a bit of vampire love (Twilight Saga, obviously) and another favorite, Lament by Maggie Stiefvater and the second book Ballad, absolutely loved these, brilliant take on faeries! I’ve yet to read the third – Requiem but will be changing that soon. But anyway, as I was saying dystopia- love it! Maybe it’s just easier to describe something dark….which leads me to tell you about a mock exam I’ve recently taken and the creative writing part was a picture of a dark night with street lights and a bench! So my mind wandered off like it does and I came up with something pretty good, I think. I’ll put it in ‘portfolio‘ so you can have a read and I’ll welcome any feedback. So as you know this creative writing is all new to me and I’m really enjoying it…. maybe I’ll write a novel, ha I’ll try anything, but it is nice to enjoy doing something different, I’ve been ‘mom’ for so long it’s strange having my own thing. I have a few short stories/scenes I’d like to share with you so I will get them on here soon…. practice makes perfect, right?

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