It’s all very positive….

Hi lovely readers, hope you’ve enjoyed my recent book reviews?! Two of my very favorite books…. (like, seriously…. love love love them) Thank you, Maggie!! Ooh, and do you like my “fan art”? Thought it was a nice touch for the book reviews.

So I’ve been to college today and had feedback on my mock exam… I’m really pleased with myself, my teacher was very happy with my progress and told me I’m at a good C grade! Wicked right?! And room for improvement too. He really liked my ‘story’ as well which is fab as I loved it and I’m rather proud!

I’m feeling super at the moment and so inspired. I’ve had some amazing feedback from Twitter in particular. There are some stunning and breathtaking people out there that have welcomed me and are offering so much support for, and I quote… “young aspiring authors” Wow, right?! So excited to be a part of such an astounding community. Lots of love and respect for you all!

Ok, so as much as I’m loving putting ‘pen to paper’, I’m in need of a telling off…. my kindle is dead and my books are dusty!! In other words, READ woman READ! As you know I am a mom, so juggling all the normal everyday stuff is hard enough, without trying to fit in the fun stuff. So note to self…. charge your kindle for goodness sake, because all that inspiration is right there waiting for me. Plus who doesn’t like getting lost in another world? I have a rather large list of ‘want to reads’ too, so I must make time.

One last thing to tell you about is I’ve started, well attempting to ‘plan’ my novel… I’m getting lost in it, it’s so overwhelming but I love it, I’m brain-storming, bullet-pointing and researching! And that’s just the characters and world! So many ideas to sort, though, I can’t wait to make a start on the plot!!

Well happy reading everyone, get lost in your favorite fantasy world and we’ll speak soon!

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