Books or Movies?

That good old question: books or movies?

So movies, they bring the world and characters to life right before your eyes. Ignites your imagination of that terrifying monster or that stunning scenery, with hilltops glistening and fireflies lighting up the night sky…. am I right?? The magic of cinema is beautiful! I’m a big lover of films, really I am, don’t get me wrong books are my first love….but I’ll get to that.

As you know there have been a LOT of adaptations from bestseller to the big screen, and I have loads of favorites that I won’t bore you with, well not all of them anyway. I’m not gonna lie….. I loved The Twilight Saga….. I mean it took over my life! The books, the films, and the soundtrack! Stunning! I know not everyone felt the same about the films, and maybe the books too… but for me, they were just fab! Don’t get me wrong, there are a few scenes from the books I wished had made it into the films… But hey, I’m cool with it. I read the books first, and yes I pictured everything differently – but I still enjoyed both takes on the story, so win-win for me.

I have total devastation for The Mortal Instruments movie, it got terrible reviews and yet miss positive here loved it! Ha! I don’t have a bad word to say do I!? oh well, positive is awesome! So anyway, I really liked the City of bones film and I was distraught to find out they weren’t doing the rest of the films, ( PUNCH IN THE GUT! ) The books are fantastic, and I’ll do reviews on them soon, although I’m yet to read City of heavenly fire. I think the films had so much potential. I haven’t watched the Shadowhunters T.V series yet….. I’m not sure as I loved the original cast and really wished it hadn’t of been canceled.

So although I’ve loved many films (I know I’ve only talked about a couple but hey, the kids are nagging me) books are still my go to first. When I pick up a book and feel the crisp parchment between my fingertips, I’m in heaven ( yes I own a kindle, I do like my kindle, it is very convenient), but I still love the real thing. My mind gets lost in the world I’m reading about, pictures flash behind my eyes with my imagination running wild… pure bliss. You can imagine everything, it’s yours.

Well, we’ve all been there, when you’ve pictured the characters in a certain way, then it’s made it to the big screen and portrayed completely different to how you saw it. Someone else’s ‘idea’ of how it should look, and it just doesn’t feel right.You can’t beat the detail in books either, I know film sets the scene with all the visual excellence but when it’s coming from your mind it’s bigger and better!

So clearly you can see where my heart remains, although I must say…. if I have a bestseller and it’s made into a film, I’m not going to complain! Love to hear your thoughts and opinions – just comment away – if you want.

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