‘Creative Writing’, how much is too much?

Hi, readers, I’m in a bit of a pickle….. well, actually I’m writing this down so I don’t seem as crazy as I look having a debate with myself!

So I’ve read a fair few books over the years, and with going back to college and learning about creative writing I’m finding myself noticing so much ‘more’ in the books I read. For example; complex sentences and language features but how much is too much? Hey, I’m all for creating an amazing scene with beautiful descriptive words but, is there a limit?

Is the sky just ‘blue’? or is it ‘a dusty, yet steel-blue with a haze of clouds moving lazily across the canvas of the world’…. too much? How about, ‘a mesmerising shade of blue with the odd wisp of cloud’, not enough?? Is this something I’ll learn in time maybe? It’s all rather stressful! It’s funny because I’ll be deep in the world of my favourite book and the little voice in my head is saying “oh, look, that’s a simile,” and “Ha, what a fab metaphor”. I guess that’s the student in me, making an appearance, yay, I’m learning…. right?

Happy learning readers!

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How would you describe the sky? I’d love to hear your lovely descriptions. 

2 thoughts on “‘Creative Writing’, how much is too much?

  1. The sky is always a spiritual kiss from God to awaken me to another day. You are talented my sister, and i can remember when God led me to write. I would look at
    other writings of poets and I asked God why can i not write with such large flowing beautiful words…and His spirit spoke to me within…I chose you reach many, who understand me and my grace and love. I paused and asked him what do you mean…he said keep it simple, like my living word and many will understand what they find living in your words…my spirit! Have a beautiful day my sister!

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