What makes a good book?

Hi, lovely readers, happy Thursday evening! I’ve had an interesting chat with my friend today, (book chat) and her opinion on ‘what makes a good book’ was just fab!! So I’d thought I’d share her words of wisdom with you all….. (with her permission).

A lot of reviews slate books such as Twilight and 50 shades because they aren’t beautifully or cleverly written, but does a good book have to be beautifully written to be considered good? My friend and now my own (as it makes perfect sense to me) definition of a ‘good’ book is simply that reading it was time well spent, (there is far too many rubbish reads out there that have robbed us of our time!).

So we feel that what makes that time well spent is either a good plot with great pace and perhaps a few twists and turns, or beautifully written prose that flow perfectly or even bring a creativity to language that you couldn’t have imagined. For example, I can think of books (which I won’t name and put you off reading!) where the story was nearly non-existent, there were no twists, hardly any drama, in fact no memorable story or ending to speak of….. but where the writing was so perfectly flowing and beautiful that I’ve connected and been happily carried from start to end, time well spent. Likewise, there have been books with plots and characters I’ve connected to despite their basic or repetitive writing.

That is why I believe a good book has either a good plot ‘or’ is well written. Now, a book that has both good plot and language in literary harmony is, in my opinion, a great book and is much rarer! It usually sits on your favourites shelf and doesn’t come along too often, but like anything that only makes it even more special, time not only well spent but joyously so!! So you see, I’m a reviewer that won’t dismiss a book solely based on mediocre writing, as long as there is enough to the plot or characters to capture and keep me engaged.

My personal key to book:

Good book = good plot

Good book = well written

Great book = good plot and well written

If you agree (or disagree!) leave a comment below and let me know your good/great books!

2 thoughts on “What makes a good book?

  1. I agree I also think characters can make a great book. I really love a book that has characters you can relate to, some that require deeper thinking. The plot can be good but with the right combination of characters to execute it tell a great story and great book. The horror book I have been writing I like every character to have an importance to the story and I find interesting to have a story of each character. What I always liked about horror was not the scary part but I found the story and characters interesting.

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    1. Yes of course, connecting with the characters is so important to keep a reader interested. You want to know why they make the decisions they do. I haven’t read many horrors but I get what you mean. Thank you for your opinion.

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