Books I want to read and series I MUST finish….. and buy!!

Hi readers, as you know about my new “Lost words Wednesday’s”, from my previous post, it got me thinking about my bookshelf….. I thought I’d just have a look to see if I’m missing any series…. and OH MY GOODNESS, I need loads!! I mean I have so many missing its crazy – and I didn’t think my book collection was that big either (it will be when I find all that’s missing! blimey!).

I’ve always been a sucker for second-hand stores, who doesn’t love a good bargain after all? So I have a fair few “random” buys….. which I have now come to realise that a lot of them are part of a series! Oops! And, no, I haven’t read everything on my bookshelf, I’d love nothing more than spending ALL my time reading, but unfortunately I’m a grown up with grown up things to do, (she says whilst looking at a sink full of dirty dishes with her 2-year-old hanging from her leg!).

So I got searching for all my missing books, and man, have I got some hunting to do! I know I probably won’t find them all second-hand, but it’s worth a look. Which brings me to wonder what’s best?? Series OR Stand-alone’s?


A good old stand-alone can have its pros, you have it all there, together; fantastic characters, a plot that gets’s an ending…. without having to wait for ages to know what’s happened, (sometimes years!). It’s unique and often a classic….. but have you ever read that novel, that end’s…… brilliantly, but still finished…. gone….. done, (tears welling up in my eyes, it’s clear I’m still not over this!), and you would love MORE, you still feel like it could carry on with more stories, sequels, anything, you don’t care you just want more!! (Breath Stevie). I know how you feel, so maybe stand-alone doesn’t work so well for me.


And then there is series, prequels, book one, book two, three, four and so on. Even side stories and extras, it’s endless and I love it! One of my favourite story world’s is Cassandra Clare’s “Shadowhunters”. It has everything! I could get lost in that world, it’s so exciting and gripping I couldn’t stop reading, ( Many hours of sleep lost!). The character’s had you crying and laughing with them and I loved following them on their journey through this incredible and enticing universe.

I’ve attached a link to the author’s name, so if you would like to see what all my fuss is about it’s just a click away!

Have fun getting lost in your favourite fantasy series, I’d love to know your favourites?

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