Subscriptions & Obessions!

It came!!!!

My long awaited very first Lootcrate was delivered today, I was so excited to see it sat on my doorstep I nearly passed out! Just after jumping up and down for at least 6 minutes and shouting “Loot Loot Loot”, in a very sing-song voice….. my neighbours must have thought I’d gone slightly mad!

With my heart racing and palms clammy I opened the box……… OMG! So amazing, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

What’s is the box:

  • The box is pretty cool – can make something out of it!
  • Goonies slogan t-shirt
  • Star Wars colouring book and coloured pencils
  • Avatar pin
  • Destiny iron on patches
  • Rocket and Groot Q fig
  • Lootcrate leaflet and competition pages


For £24 a month, I think this is fab! Lootcrate you have me excited for more!! As I look through all the nerdy goodies, I’m just overwhelmed. The t-shirt is perfect, Goonies! Yes! I’m sure I’m one of many that loved this film growing up, it was always on. The fit is great and the quality is 100%.



Love this, what a great touch Lootcrate. I do like Starwars, but my partner is a super fan! I might let him colour with me…. Hehe oh and some coloured pencils and a sharpener! Ha! Brilliant!



Lootcrate, I love you! I love collecting things, and what’s better than some awesome pins to brighten up my bag! As well as the iron on patches (I might put on some jeans), I’m feeling really geeky and awesome right now!



So, Q fig, pretty cool, right? Haven’t really seen these before, but I couldn’t have asked for a better figure. Guardians of the Galaxy IS my absolute favourite! Yay, another collection 🙂

Well there you have it… best nerdy box ever! Thank you Lootcrate.

Next month’s theme is “Altar Ego”….. Deadpool, Spiderman, Transformers, Fight Club. How am I going to wait till next month!

Hope I’ve brought out the geek within!

Look out for my other subscriptions –

  • Illumicrate – Quarterly bookish box
  • Fairyloot – Monthly
  • More from Lootcrate – monthly
  • One off Bookish box

Happy reading!!


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