Illumicrate – bookish box

Evening readers, hope you’re having an amazing Tuesday……

I am!!! I’ve had two most unexpected deliveries today! Well, maybe not completely unexpected…. (checking my emails and doorstep constantly since I’d subscribed!!!) But I not only had my beautiful Illumicrate box delivered but my one off Bookish box too! Had me jumping for joy…. in my pj’s…. but who cares, I’ve been sooo excited to receive these.

If anyone is unaware I’m obsessed, wait, no, I’m just kidding…. well maybe a little. More to the point if you are unfamiliar with Illumicrate it’s a subscription box for all you book lovers out there! Delivered every quarter, 4 boxes a year. Bringing you new releases and bookish goodies. Cool, right??


What’s in the box:

  1. Truth or Dare by: Non Pratt, signed and a letter from the author
  2. Feyre Mug – artwork by: Merwild
  3. Mermaid Lagoon Candle by: Flickerink
  4. Swish & Flick Keychain by: Nutmeg and Arlo
  5. Enchanted Door Hanger and Print artwork by: TJ Lubrano
  6. Map Bppkmark by: Penguin Co

Plus some little extras: Windfall, The Gender Games, Taste of Blue Light and an advanced reader copy of “The Waking Land” by Callie Bates with signed bookplate and author letter!


Everything is so beautiful! Don’t you think??

How am I supposed to wait 3 months for my next one! It’s going to be hard, but hey, I have some great things and 2 books to keep me busy with. It’s such a great idea, a brilliantly packed box, sent to your door, full of amazing gifts….. it’s what dreams are made from.


This mug is gorgeous! I love it…. and will not be drinking from it! The candle smells incredible, I can’t explain, the fragrance drifts into your soul and soothes your heart…. (it’s that good!!!) And the keychain, EEK!! Big Harry Potter fan, so this is perfect.

Look at this artwork…. it’s breathtaking! so pretty, I can’t wait to find somewhere for it all 🙂

The Books:

Looking forward to reading these beauties, I’ll be sure to let you all know what I thought about them once I’ve read them.

Hope you like my unboxing and get as obsessed as I am! hehe until next time, happy reading.

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