Before the Dawn – book review

Before the Dawn: Book four of The Ending Series

A few facts:

Author/s: Lindsey Pogue & Lindsey Fairleigh

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic

Published: 14 November 2015

Publisher: L2 Books

Followed by: The Ending Beginnings & World before (Novellas)



“Anna clenched her jaw, closed her eyes and took a deep breath” Dr Anna Wesley

Feelings are all over the place in this book…. my heart raced throughout and begged for the characters that I’d fallen so deeply for, get their happy ending…..

They have all been through so much and I can’t tell you enough how stunning and amazing this series is, but this book had my heart in its palm squeezing the life from it as I read the events that unfolded. Each book has led me farther in, with no return. The POV changes slightly again which I really do love because it’s always so exciting to delve deeper into that character that you love…. or hate!

The calm before the storm…. setting up the farm, a place they can call home, starting from scratch. I loved this about the “end of the world” because it brought out the best in the group and they all came together as a family. Heart warming with a sense of forfilment.


Annie, the little wild child they’d found is one cute addition to the group, the little crazy thing makes me laugh and I love how she is around Jason and Dani its to sweet!

“Annie, who struggled to balance living in the two worlds their minds occupied- animal and human- the rest of us might face a loss of control at some point, a struggle to be us instead of it.” Annie


She’s just the most loveable little girl ever! She lightens up a sentence with her wild giggle and is the sparkle among the mess!

“She immediately jumped up into his arms and began bouncing with pure enthusiasm in his hold” Jason and Annie

I’m not going to lie, I cried so much whilst reading, it truly got me good…. it felt so real and I swear I could fell their pain! The panic inside me flooded out in tears when reality hit me in the face… reality of what had happened but not actually knowing either!!! Oh. My. God! Seriously!!! (Not telling you who what and why! Hehe)


Another great character with an important story! His before the ending story is brilliant, he is so caring and what he goes through, is haunting… but I’m so happy he found a place with the group.


Re-gen with future telling abilities!! Jakes sister with yet again a crazy story…. I must say that team Lindsey have truly created such outstanding characters with complex back stories that you can’t help but care for, they have left no stone unturned with everything you would want to know about a character to the oh my god moments when you find something out!!

“Before the darkness of unconsciousness consumed me, I managed to whisper, Please….” Zoe

What!!!!!! Your not going to believe this!!! Yes, more heartbreaking events…will they ever get a break???

Well, readers, I’m not going to give much more away as I don’t want to spoil it for you guys…. and trust me there is so much more in this series than I have said in my reviews, I just couldn’t possibly of told you everything, but then again, you would know all the twists and turns then anyway. I hope you’re enjoyed my obsession and please check out the Author interview coming next week! Until then I’ll leave you with some fab quote….

“Memories were terrible that way, complex and filled with ravines that swallowed you up and threatened to drown you. They always seemed to surface in your strongest moments, knocking you back down to a pathetic heap of despondency.” Dani

“His face was an expressionless mask like my brother’s had so often been,save for his eyes boring into me.” Zoe

“The man’s vacant eyes enlivened, and he straightened, his gaze boring into me for a fleeting moment before it softened.” Zoe


The real books…. well two of them the others will soon arrive 😊❤️

Happy reading!

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