Literary Listography – My reading life in lists

Who loves to write lists???

Hey guys! Missed you!! 

I’ve been super lazy lately… or completely and utterly unable to make a decision on whether to READ, WRITE or DRAW….. the struggle is real!!! So I’ve managed to get a grip of my life… sort of and start my new weekly post on “My reading life in lists!”

I purchased this book from Waterstones a while back and thought it would be pretty cool to go through some of it with you guys. It’s called Literary Listography, and cost me £12.99.


Sounds pretty cool, right?? Lisa has a point…. the bittersweet of the last page of your favourite book and your thoughts on characters and plots, saves writing in the margins!!

I started on the first page ” My top 20 most beloved books”….


So far it was pretty fun…. I also like to doodle 😃

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – I truly love this classic love story…. it actually made me write my perfect man spell when I was 12… not that Mr Darcy was perfect!! And it didn’t help that my favourite movie was Practical Magic either!

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien – This beautiful tale holds a special place in my heart because my year 3 teacher read this to us off by heart to the whole class all those years ago…. I shall never forget this Mr Lees ❤️

The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling – This awakened the magic within my soul!!!!

The Deptford Mice Trilogy by Robin Jarvis – This is very special, my Moma had read these to me and my sister when we were young. I remember being so scared of the bad mouse but loved it so much I’d begged my mom to carry on reading.

The Mortal Instruments (not Immortal as I’ve put in my book… doh!) by Cassandra Clare – Could not put this down…. book after book… I fell in love with the Shadowhunters world!

The Ending Series by Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh – My newest OBSESSION!!!! This series gave me that kick to write by own fantasy series…. which is going nicely 😊…. but seriously I LOVE this! It’s breathtaking and just FAB!!!!

Lament and Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater – Who knew faerie’s could be so scary!!

Cursed Magic Series by Casey Odell – A beautiful magical story ❤️

So that’s my “so far” top 20…. are any of those on your top 20? I’d love to know…

Also if there is any of these books that you’d like to read and purchase I’ve put links on the titles, just for you guys 😊

Look out for next weeks post..

Happy reading!

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