Listography- My Reading Life in Lists

Hey list loving bookworms!

Hope you are all super awesome and looking forward to the weekend ✌️😃

I’m still kind of super lazy BUT managed to have a flick through my Listography book and thought I’d fill in a little. What got my mind wondering was….. “My favourite films adapted from books? ”


So I gave it a go….

The Twilight Saga- Ok, so the books were better, I thought BUT I still really enjoyed the films! I totally thought they got better with each film too. As a book lover it was difficult to enjoy the parts you’d already dreamed up in your mind, but yeah still liked them 👍

Harry Potter- BRILLIANT FILMS 🎥 awww I really do truly love these, they are so special and amazing watching the characters grow with each film!

City of Bones-  This has broken my heart in two! 💔 Oh how I WISH they’d of carried on with the films! Sorry but the TV series sucks…. I tried so hard to love it but I just can’t, its to cringe worthy 😔 I love the books so much but, no, I can’t get into it.

The 5th Wave- Ahhhh what is it with me liking things that they don’t finish! Ok so I haven’t actually read the books yet, but i couldn’t get enough of this film! It was awesome! I don’t think they are making the others though…. but at least I have the books to read ☺️

The Maze Runner- Hehe haven’t read these either… well I will soon, but until then I’m swooning over Dylan O’Brien!!

Inkheart- My children love this movie and to be honest I do too! The books are just pure magic 🔮

The Green Mile- Oh how I ugly cried so much when watching this film! Stephen King you are flipping great!!!

Well that’s what I have so far… are any of those your favourite?? I’d love to know!

Happy watching & reading lovelies!

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