Three part book review…. A Court of….

Firstly, hey lovely readers…. I’m doing this book review slightly different from my others mainly because this series so far has DRIVEN ME CRAZY!! And not the good kind of crazy! I tried soooo hard to love this but it kept disappointing me….. read on to find out why…..

A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Book Reviews

So unfortunately I couldn’t get into the first book, A Court of Thorns and Roses. It was slow from the start and I couldn’t take much more of Feyre’s moaning!! I felt nothing happened but that, for much of the first few chapters. Then suddenly she’s tied up in the faerie world which wasn’t explained very well and falls for Tamlin, after a lot of moaning about hating him and wanting to go home, to loving him enough to put herself in danger. I didn’t like Tamlin at all, he really annoyed me but Lucien I loved! Now Feyre is caught up in some crazy ass trials to save the one she all of a sudden loves and would die for! What the hell!

So she’s suffering big time while Tamlin seems to do nothing and along comes a smouldering faerie that is taunting her and helping her at the same time. To be fair I kind of loved them and their banter! Now Rhysands story is ok, I guess…. the bad/good guy. But I almost feel like Tamlin was pointless. It just bored me big time…. but I don’t like not finishing a series or book so I carried on.

Book two – A Court of Mist and Fury


So I pushed on to see where this went, and it was the most annoying thing happened, I’d love some parts of it then hate it…. this went on with all three books! #drivencrazy

Ok, Tamlin is now ignoring the fact the Feyre is ill by dealing with all the terrible things that happened to her…. he really is an ass! Which results in him driving her away to the hands of Rhys. Even though it took soooo long for Feyre to actually admit she liked Rhys…. more moaning! So now she loves someone else…. she’s High fae now too and possibly the only person that can save them all…. yay…..

It is annoying me just writing about it! The passion builds and that’s pretty hot, not gonna lie, and the funny banter continues between them. I liked that part! The others in the “Inner Circle” are pretty cool characters too. So again, a real love hate thing going on here!

I kind of lost the flow of the world they lived in at some point too, not the best flowing story I’ve read. I know there are holes in my description but that’s because it’s a mashup of information swirling around in my brain!

Book three – A Court of Wings and Ruin

IMG_3034Sooooo….. I’m not going to carry on moaning…. because I sound like Feyre! Hahaha jokes. But I do have a good thing to say about this book, I thought Maas portrayed the war/battle scenes fab!! Really got the feel for it! And you do grow to love those inner circle guys! The fan art, well the whole fandom for these books is just amazing! It’s one of the reasons I truly and desperately wanted to love them! But I really didn’t!!! 😩

Over all, I loved the banter…. the sex scenes were pretty hot and the battle put you smack bang in the middle of the action but it had a lot of boring bits, unexplained craziness and my mind just couldn’t build the world at all….. and come on, you’re not telling me that you all knew how to pronounce all of those bloody names! Seriously!!

I do feel like I’m probably the only one that thinks this but it’s my opinion. 😊

Happy reading!

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