ROAR by Cora Carmack Book review

LOOK AT THAT COVER!!! #covercrush

Hey happy bookworms! It’s book review time!! I’ve been so excited to tell you all about this book but I’ve been super busy! This book was featured in my monthly subscription box Fairyloot, and I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about it over social media….. so I couldn’t hold back any longer and man am I glad I gave in because it was worth it!!

A few facts:

Author: Cora Carmack

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publisher: Tor Teen

Published: August 2017 (UK)

Let me start by saying…. the cover is BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously eye-catching and stunning! This book captured my heart straight away 💜 Then transported me to “The Lands of Caelira” with this fantastic map on the inside of the book (I looove book maps!!)



Right away, you can clearly see I’ve been hooked in without actually reading it! But then I started wondering, ” oh but what if it’s not as good as I’d hoped??…. am I going to fall from this amazing high I’ve been dragged to??” EEK!! But thankfully Cora did not disappoint!

“You are lightning made flesh, Colder than falling snow. Unstoppable as the desert sands riding the wind. You are Stormling Aurora Pavan. Believe it. Believe it, and others will too.” 

Ooo, sounds awesome…. hehe.

You are instantly transported into the mind of Aurora and all her worries which is captured brilliantly even though the book isn’t written in first person POV. I’ve struggled to connect easily with certain characters if it’s not written in first person, but Cora has truly built these characters throughout this book, not confusing me once! Yay! 😊

With lots going on, exciting twists and turns, kept me turning pages. I think I managed to finish this in about 5 evenings of reading (reality got in the way haha) which, yeah, is pretty quick for me and my crazy life! I even managed some Fan Art!



I loved how Cora played around with Auroras name and the bits of information slipped in at the beginning of each chapter was fab, learning more and more throughout the whole book.

The romance in this book is fairly subtle, which is fine, and I do like how you feel for Aurora and all her new feelings she has for these new people she meets. All of the characters are certainly interesting and I absolutely cannot wait for more! I didn’t want to give too much away as it adds to the excitement of not knowing the twists of this fascinating world, which are detailed brilliantly! And I certainly have eyes for the mysterious Locke…..


With magical storms, secrets and a stunning world Cora Carmack created one beautiful story!

Some fab quotes: 

” She sucked in a breath, and he knew he had shocked her. Innocent. He collected each morsel of her identity like a scavenger in the jungle. He saw just a sliver of panic before she hid it away and met his gaze. Brave little bird.”

“Whether it be thunderstorm, hurricane, or some storm on which we have not yet laid eyes, one truth remains- challenge a tempest, survive it, and you become its master.”

“In facing death, the first stormlings found life. In risking their souls, they gained dominion over the souls of tempests.”

“Large hands grasped Roar’s shoulders, and it was only then she realised how badly she was shaking. Locke peered down at her, his hands squeezing, as if he could make her body still through force alone.”

Happy reading 😊

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