Book review- Dust and Shadow by Lindsey Pogue

Hi Bookworms 😊

How BEAUTIFUL is this cover of Dust and Shadow by Lindsey Pogue…. it’s just irresistible!!

Book review time!!!

A few facts:

Author: Lindsey Pogue

Genre: Post-apocalyptic, Romance, Western, Adventure

Published: 15th September 2017 by Lindsey Pogue

Cover Design and Formatting: Molly Phipps – We Got You Covered Book Design

Followed by: Borne of Sand and Scorne

**some spoilers**

I have eagerly anticipated this book since hearing about it!

I mean, come on…. a post-apocalyptic love story and Victorian adventure, set in a forgotten world in the American Wild West!! Awesomeness!!

It took me 3 evenings to get through it, and man did I enjoy it. I couldn’t get the kids to bed quickly enough, grab a large mug of steaming tea and settle down for an evening of reading…. little did I know that my eyeballs would not play the same game!! Otherwise I’d of definitely devoured it in one night!

Lindsey gave so much depth to these wonderful characters, surprising me throughout. Jo, one of the main characters had been through so much, it broke my heart, she had my crying a fair few times. My mixed emotions gave me the “feels” for these life-like characters. As Lindsey builds the picture of this beautiful world she has created, I surprised myself with my feelings for certain characters. It was a roller coaster ride of hate for the Marshal, and as the story unfolds everything makes sense. His pain and anguish, but what he did!! Ahhh you are so torn!


Look how gorgeous the inside of the book is!!

The plot was perfectly written with suspense around every corner. Drip feeding me some fabulous oooo’s and ahhh’s!! The detail written about Sagebrush made it all the more interesting, and had me grinding at the bit to know more about the forgotten lands! I simply can’t wait for Borne of Sand and Scorn

Some awesome quotes:

“We hope for water, we wish for rain, and we pray that we stay safe”

“The breeze lessens the damning heat of the sun, and I find myself lulled into a daze by a hawk’s battle cry off in the distance ”

“Miss Mason….. A quiet but commanding voice brushes the back of my neck, and I spin around to find Clayton standing behind me.”

FANART!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 

I even managed to fit in a drawing!


Jo and Clayton ❤️

I just want more from the Forgotten Lands…

Look out for more by Lindsey Pogue

About the Author:

I have always been a sucker for a good love story. I completed my first new adult manuscript in high school (Whatever It Takes) and have been writing tales of love and friendship, history and adventure ever since. When I’m not chatting with readers, plotting my next storyline, or dreaming up new, brooding characters, I’m generally wrapped in blankets watching my favorite action flicks with my own leading man. After ten years together, we finally said “I do” on top of a cliff in New Zealand, the best, most magical day of my life.

My husband and I live in the Napa Valley with our rescue cat, Beast.​



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