Book review – Within These Walls by Tracey Ward

Hi bookworms!

Where have I been you ask….. well I’ve been Within These Walls!!! Unable to focus on anything but! My dreams have been full of kick ass zombie killing moves and dreamy guys that could rescue me any day!

Book review time!

This is actually a box set which includes five books altogether, now can you understand why I’ve been ‘missing’ lately hehe anyway, so it’s two books from the Quarantined series- Until the End and In the End. Then three books from the Survival series- Writing on the Wall, Back Against the Wall and Tearing Down the Wall.

So I’ll worn you now, I’m full on fangirling over this! Loved it so much! Your slapped right in the centre of the beginning of the end. I was unable to climb out and take a breath! It was intense!

The Quarantined series focused on Alissa and Jordan.

In the point of view of Alissa in book one and Jordan’s in Book two.

Alissa and Jordan are badass! Alissa is very troubled and has been through shit loads, and that’s before the end of the world! Her strong character shines through even while struggling with mental illness, which I loved by the way, it was different for me as I haven’t really read a character suffering this before. It was interesting and heart wrenching at the same time.

Jordan comes along to help, and realises he’s lucky to have found someone who can take care of herself…. with a freakin’ bow and arrow! Awesomeness!!!

“You are lethal.”

“ And that does it for you, doesn’t it?”

“You have no idea,” he says, taking my hand.


I couldn’t help but draw these two amazing characters! I’ve been living with them these last couple of weeks and my head is still in the clouds.

What makes this a good book- amazing characters that move and grow with the story. What else- a plot that leaves you gripping the edge of your seat, laughing out loud and of course ugly crying! It got me good!! I’m using a lot of exclamation marks!! Haha 😂

I’m not here to tell you the whole run down with what happens, because where’s the fun in that. I’m here to tell you how this book made me feel and how truly talented Tracey is. And if you haven’t quite grasped the face that I flippin loved it then pick it up for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Who doesn’t love a good zombie story with some troubled survivors that build the strongest and most beautiful relationship!?

The survival series: 


Ok, so I read straight through to these, and for a split second I was like nooooooo! Because it was 10 years later, and I felt my heart fracture into pieces! I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Alissa and Jordan….. BUT it’s fine because it didn’t take long to love Joss.

These books follow Joss, a 17-year-old girl who has survived on her own for years, until she does something stupid, like, I don’t know, saved a guy from a wolf pack! In a world changed with gangs and colonies it was safer to be on your own.

So much happens in this, my heart was in my throat, I had dark circles around my eyes from lack of sleep, I refused to stop reading, I couldn’t, it was impossible! It’s fast paced and Joss is a little troubled. See can’t get close to anyone, it’s a battle she fights with herself constantly. Her head is in overdrive when she helps Ryan and now she doesn’t understand what is going on inside of her.

Ryan’s character is just to sweet! But he grows with the story and you soon learn that his pretty badass and caring, with a little mix of cuteness! He tries so hard to figure Joss out, but sticks by her even when she’s fighting back.

As we go through the books you get to meet some gang members, good and bad. Colonies and the wizard. Trent is extremely strange and I LOVE him. He is a boy in the same gang as Ryan, and what he comes out with had me howling with laughter.

Vin is absolutely ace!! Bad guy attitude with a caring heart, sort of. He definitely had a soft spot for Joss and I loved that. The more people who got close to Joss the more she fought the battle in her head and her heart. She’s so strong and I just want to give her a hug…. even though she’d probably whack me with her ASP hahaha

Tracey is awesome at drip feeding information throughout the series connecting all the dots. I was happy to have Alissa back, that’s for sure.

Well there you have it, my feelings towards a fantastic series and guess what??? There’s more! It’s called the Rising series based in the same place… Gods of the Dead and the newly released Weapons of War.

I couldn’t be happier! See you when I resurface to the real world.

Peace out!!

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