Ramblings of a writer…

Hello lovely readers, Hope everyone is feeling awesome!

I’ve come to the conclusion that life doesn’t like me multitasking! Like seriously! Game over!

Family life is always manic and between wanting to write and draw, oh and then there is reading and writing book reviews and don’t forget blogging! I just can’t keep up. I have my brain yelling at me when random scenes pop into my head and need writing down. They don’t care what I’m doing, they demand I write them or they disappear, gone, forever. And that my friend is hell!

Then you have those lovely characters that you so kindly gave life too, shouting at full volume for attention… Seriously they are worse than my 3-year-old!!

I didn’t even do my FairyLoot unboxing either 😩 but FYI the October box was awesome! Hopefully, I’ll be able to share my November box with you when it arrives! Because I really miss you guys!

Anyway, so I hope you’ll forgive my disappearing act and understand that as much as I think that I’m wonder woman, well, I’m not. 🤷🏻‍♀️

It will all be worth it when I am able to get my fantasy series out into the world.

Goodbye for now

Peace out!

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