Pushing on forward ❤️

Hey, lovelies.

Writing update! I actually wrote ’The End’ the other day and I’ve been filling a few small plot holes, but I have a complete book! Word count around 109,000!

I start my edits soon…. I’m a little scared, as so many say its the WORST part 😱 so wish me luck!

After edits, I’ll be sending beta copies to a few who said they’d help, which is terrifyingly exciting! Then I shall knuckle down and start writing my query letter and researching the shit out of literary agents.

Sounds like I’m all set and know what I’m talking about, right… Don’t be fooled, I’m terrified! 😭

Which brings me to wonder… I’m thinking of setting up an Author website and possibly a facebook group for giveaways, news updates and well just to get to know people who love to read!

What do you think?

As always your feedback means a lot to me.

Happy reading guys!

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