Book review- It Takes Death To Reach A Star ⭐️

Hey lovelies, it’s Book review time, and man have I been so excited to share this with you!

A few facts:

Title: It Takes Death To Reach A Star 

Author: Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington

Genre: Science Fiction

Print length: 277 pages

Publisher: Vesuvian Books – release date 22nd May 2018

What. A. Ride.

My emotions are still raw! I’ve been thrown into to this futuristic world, mimicking our own, only too well. Following Mila and Demitri on an epic ride, facing the aftermath of a damage earth, that war, power and religion had destroyed. The two face the worst of the worse, with the hope to save what’s left of the planet from annihilation.

Mila is a seriously strong, awesome character. With a past that haunts her and a future that could kill her. But she pushes on, fights with everything she has. She makes you feel her pain but also makes you laugh too. She has drive and skill. Mila believes in something more, even if she can’t see it, she feels it.

Demitri is freakin’ brilliant! His tormented soul is truly remarkable and his soft character captured my heart. But within Demitri a darkness hides. Vedmak. Who in a strange and twisted way…. I loved! Haha

This Book had me none stop gasping for air. Fast paced and very well written, in fact I feel rather clever after reading all the scientific stuff 😉

Even though it has taken me a little longer to read this, through no fault of the book, just myself not having enough reading time, every time I picked it back up, it was as though I hadn’t stopped. This book and the brilliant characters will stay with me and will take over my dreams… I seriously cannot wait for the next book.

I managed to get a little fan art in though 😊 46D46EAC-A25F-44FE-ADCD-B6B3B77FD73D

The world building in this book is detailed to the extent my mind was drawing the pictures as I read it, creating a deeper visual impact on my reading experience. Teamed with characters who were so real to me, making it difficult to read their pain but also celebrating their triumphs with them.

Credit to the authors, Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington for teaming up and bringing It Takes Death To Reach A Star To life!


Oh, and did I mention it’s in Tv/Film development! Cool, right?


I’ll leave you with Goodreads description ❤️

The epidemic struck at the end of the Third World War. Fighting over oil, power, and religion, governments ignored the rise of an anti-bacterial-resistant plague. In just five years, the Earth was annihilated. Only one city survived—Etyom—a frozen hell-hole in northern Siberia, engulfed in endless conflict.

The year is 2251.

Two groups emerged from the ashes of the old world. Within the walled city of Lower Etyom dwell the Robusts—descendants of the poor who were immune to the New Black Death. Above them, in a metropolis of pristine platforms called Lillipads, live the Graciles—the progeny of the super-rich, bio-engineered to resist the plague.

Mila Solokoff is a Robust who trades information in a world where knowing too much can get you killed. Caught in a deal-gone-bad, she’s forced to take a high-risk job for a clandestine organization hell-bent on revolution.

Demitri Stasevich is a Gracile with a dark secret—a sickness that, if discovered, will get him Ax’d. His only relief is an illegal narcotic produced by the Robusts, and his only means of obtaining it is a journey to the arctic hell far below New Etyom.

Thrust together in the midst of a sinister plot that threatens all life above and below the cloud line, Mila and Demitri must master their demons and make a choice—one that will either salvage what’s left of the human race or doom it to extinction…

Happy reading book lovers, peace out ✌️

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