Book review – Beautiful Victim by Claire C Riley

Hey, readers. It’s been three very late nights of reading but I’ve finished Beautiful Victim. My heart rate has been hammering at high-speed throughout the book, nail-biting tension and eyes widening with every turn of events!


It’s dark and twisted yet with every revelation from all the darkness from both Ethan and Carrie, had kept me on the edge of my seat. How the past can haunt you or how someone can block out the pain and terrible things they’ve done, or even had done to them, it’s a crazy ride from them both. They are both “Beautiful Victims”.

I really enjoyed this book, Claire portrayed Ethan’s delusional behaviour brilliantly. How he made sense of his actions with his words and reasoning was scarily true. How someone can feel too much love for someone to be blinded by the truth, till the very end.

Carrie, a broken character, with a darkness that could never be fixed. With everything that she’d been through, you feel her pain and how she’d struggled to survive in her world. You are torn between the two characters. I could go from hating her to wanting to cry for her all in the same paragraph.

With each page I turned my feelings changed, for each of them, for their situation, for their problems, for their past and for their future. I felt like I was holding my breath but at the same time sighing relief. My feelings contradicted my every thought with this beautiful story.

So, readers, I’m left feeling a cocktail of emotions, and I’m grateful to Claire for giving me something different. It wasn’t black and white, or good and bad and it certainly wasn’t happy or sad. But that’s good. Because that’s life. And sometimes it’s nice to not read a predictable ending or a romance that wins all.

What a fantastic writer and storyteller you are, Claire Riley! If this book isn’t your usual read, you should still give it a go. Beautiful Victim is unmistakably an amazing read.

Peace out ✌️

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