All about the romance ❤️

Hi, readers. I have some amazing news for you! My favourite author, Lindsey Pogue has a new Saratoga Falls love story out this summer! *sigh* You’re going to love it!

Let me tell you a little about the first two books and delve into the mind of the author herself with links to her inspirational Storyboards! What a treat! Fresh content, to give you a deeper insight to these truly remarkable, real life characters. With gripping stories of love and friendship. This group of friends will give you the urge to plan a camping trip, just like the Saratoga Falls guys!

Book one: Whatever It Takes.


Follow Sam with her struggle to up keep her father’s ranch and deal with the return of a familiar face, through this beautifully written small town romance. Throw in some horses and I was in heaven. This story gripped my heart and tore it into little pieces, only to scoop it all up again and stick it back together.

Lindsey has a way with her words that bring you face to face with all the problems and troubles the characters are going through. I’ve cried with them and I’ve laughed with them.

The friendship circle in these stories have to be my favourite thing about them. They’re real, with raw emotion. Fighting for each other through thick and thin, and just surviving life in all it’s glory.

Check out Lindsey’s Storyboard ❤️ giving you all the details and how her own life is entwined into her story telling.

And here’s a little of my fan art, obviously 🤓


Sam and Reily’s story will have you rooting for them, with everything they have both dealt with and with their friends help, this story will melt your heart.


Book two: Nothing But Trouble.

c8d17e9a-f93c-44f3-8d1b-7dd2f16d9046.pngAnother heartwarming love story. Follow Mac and Colton on this whirlwind romance. She’s sexy and smart and nothing but trouble, that’s what Colton thinks anyway. This group of friends always have each other’s backs and in both books have important parts to play. So after reading the first book, I was so excited to get to know Sams sassy friend Mac and her story to tell.

This is a real family oriented story. How family comes together with the struggle and complications of secrets and insecurities. With the two realising they needed each other to heal. It’s far from a cozy ride. Mac’s profanities tickle me, but behind all that sass she has buried pain from her past. Watching love bring what’s important together is magical in itself.

Like book one teased with a little of Macs story, in this book you get to know a little more about Nick. Who, FYI, I LOVE!


Mac and Colton ❤️ Take a look at the storyboard for this one.



So, lovelies, this brings me to Book three: Told You So.

4a506284-c94a-4647-b935-5d5833cac3c6.pngThis beauty will be available this summer! My most anticipated story, Nick and Bethany ❤️ You will meet them throughout the other books and with every passing moment you will become more and more intrigued by their story.


Bethany and Nick ❤️

Want to see the Pinterest board for this one? Sure you do. Just give the highlighted word a click and it will send you right to the boards. Enjoy!

I hope you’ll love these stories as much as I do, they’re sure to take you on one hell of a ride!

Happy reading, peace out ✌️

4 thoughts on “All about the romance ❤️

  1. Again, it appears that Lindsey Pogue has created a series of intriguing stories that provide beautiful insight into characters that you can fall in love with. This is such an important element of story telling which makes me know I’m gonna love them!!
    Great review – thank you for sharing. 😊 JJ.

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