A beautiful retelling ❤️

Hey, readers! Hope you’re all well.

You have seriously got to check this out! Melt your heart with all the feels with this beautiful retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It’s truly a remarkable story, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

Wanna see some fan art? 😬

I was blown away by this. You can read it for free, just have a read and see how you can help ❤️

This is what the author, M.A Phipps has to say:

The Beast of Bellameille is a standalone Beauty and the Beast retelling with a Gone Girl twist. At the moment I’m seeking representation/publication for it and I’ve uploaded it to a site called Swoonreads which is a YA imprint of Macmillan where authors upload their books and readers rate/vote for their favorites. Those with the most/highest ratings are then considered for publication.

I would LOVE if you guys would help me out and head on over and give my book some love (5 hearts = the best rating). You do have to make an account to vote BUT it only takes a minute, is entirely free, and you then get to read loads of books for free, including mine!

I hope you guys will help me out, and if you choose to read it, I hope you love my book 😊


Follow the link and read for free!

Peace out ✌🏻 and happy reading!

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