Cover reveal ❤️ for my FanFic

Hey guys!

Look at this! Eeeek! My very first book cover… swoon ❤️

The lovely Lulu Watson asked me if I’d like a cover making because she is practicing, dude, if this is a practice run then Jesus! Amazing!

So, this is for the Ending World competition and I’m so hyped to get this out into the world of Fanfic.

I’ll be releasing this on Wattpad and other FanFic sites this coming November, so I’ll be sure to link you all up 😬

If you’re interested in the competition Check it out here;

Here is a little teaser:

Lily Stanfield, Oregon – December 12th

I hadn’t thought it possible to imagine the earth opening its gates to hell and devouring the entire world, sucking the life straight from it. Like an uncontrollable thirst, it would swallow up life. Hellfire, like hot lava, would rage in relentless rivulets, dragging everything in its path. Spewing up darkness as it quenched that thirst and as the bones buckled from beneath, it would crumble to dust.

But I was wrong.

I felt that same hellfire beneath my skin as I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

The fever melted my insides and boiled my veins, using them to spread throughout my whole body.

I let out a groan as I attempted to breathe, struggling with short gasps of air that I raked into my lungs, quivering every time I inhaled.

This is hell.

Well, actually it’s Stanfield, a small ass town in constant cloud cover. I perched on the window seat at my mom’s house and stared out at the town I’d grown up in, but all I could see was Hell. I don’t think I’d be surprised if the red-horned guy himself walked across my drive.

The streets vacant and abandoned from life.

That’s because everyone is dead, Lily…

I buried my clammy face into my hands and my dark hair fell down, surrounding me, like curtains it closed me in. If only it was that easy. To close the curtains and forget.

Forget the last week.

Forget the death.

Forget the ending.

I never thought I’d beg for myself to die. Never. I loved my life.

It was full and happy and perfect. Up until everyone started to die.

It was only the flu they said, it will pass they said.


I grew numb to the news broadcasts. Like my body had run out of tears to cry. I mean, how many times could a girl react hysterically to the headlines; “Hundreds dead.”

“Thousands dead.” Before it became normal to hear another town had been wiped out. With one line that repeated on a loop inside my head, “we wish you luck.”

We wish you luck! LUCK!

It’s going to take more than luck. That’s when it went quiet.

Then my mom fell sick and I felt hollow inside.

I still do…

But it was just the flu, right? My mom wouldn’t, you know…

I dragged my hands over my face and realized the gray clouds had darkened, shadowing the hell outside and giving me another day still breathing.


My green eyes stared back at me. Mocking me. They looked dull and lifeless, yet my lungs still inflated and my heart still pumped the blood around my body. My joints burned and my limbs shook.

I stumbled towards the bathroom at the end of the hall. The heaviness that rocked my body as I passed my moms bedroom, sank like an anchor into the deep blue sea. Colliding with the rocks at the bottom.

Rock bottom.

I pressed my palm flat against the door and fell to my knees.

Sometimes I can still hear her, sometimes I can still see her. But then I’m reminded that hell took her too like it took everyone. Acid crawled up my pipes, inching its clammy fingers higher and higher. I couldn’t stop the vomit from spilling from my mouth. I sank to the floor, my guts convulsed, emptying its little to nothing contents down myself. Leaving me a fragile shell.

I’d been wanting to die. Desperate for the pain to end. Waiting to be swallowed up. But instead, I suffered. The virus attacked my body and memories attacked my mind, with my soul trapped in the middle, grasping on the tug of war of life. It was cruel and I didn’t understand what I’d done to deserve it. I curled up, tucking my knees into my chest and cried. The sobs shook my thin body, vibrating through my hollow chest.

I guess my tears hadn’t dried up after all.

Wish me luck guys, and happy reading.

Peace out ✌🏻

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