World Gone Wrong- Liam by Stevie Williams

Hey guys,

A while ago I wrote a short zombie romance, called World Gone Wrong and my ideas didn’t stop there. I wanted to tell the story of how my characters met and what happened to them the day of the zombie apocalypse… so I got writing and didn’t stop.

My plan is to give you a taste of their lives together then go back before they met, so I created five short stories: Liam, Emily, Rose, Kacey and Gray.

My next step is to continue their story together as they fight to survive. Which I will get working on soon, but until then if you’d like to read how they meet pop over to Wattpad and take a look.


Here is a snippet of Liam’s story for you ☺️

“It’s dead! Someone get Liam, now!” I’d hear this on a daily basis.

I dragged in a calming breath and turned to look at Jen, the new receptionist. She was almost hiding behind her desk, like a small animal trying to escape a predator. It was only her second day and she clearly wasn’t used to Mr. Hayward’s headache inducing rants yet.

I missed the last receptionist. The old gal gave Mr. Loudmouth a run for his money, usually the highlight of my day, but she was another one off sick.

This virus has hit the city hard.

“I got this,” I said, giving Jen a side grin, “and you’ll get used to Mr. Loudmouth, I mean, Mr. Hayward.”

I winked at her, trying to coax her out.

She offered me a small smile in return and I made my way into the bosses office.

“What’s the problem sir?”

“The damn thing was blinking at me, and now, nothing!” He threw his hands up in the air.

I held in the urge to laugh, “I’ll take a look,” I told the red-faced man. He needed to chill out a little. It looked like he was ready to explode. He dabbed his face with a tissue and I got to work.


“Just a paper jam sir, all done.” The excitement was all too much to bear, another printer problem.

Jesus, life is dull.

He waved me out without a ‘thank you’ or a ‘good job Liam’, and

I closed the door behind me.

“I survived,” I winked at Jen again, who still looked a little shaky. “I’m going to take my break, okay.” She nodded shyly and I grabbed my cell and lunch.

She’s not going to last long if she doesn’t grow a backbone. Mr. Hayward will eat her alive.

Rolling my neck to relieve some stress, I pushed the button to the elevator. We were twelve stories up, and even though I’d normally take the stairs for some exercise, and to feel like I was actually escaping, it was too hot and I didn’t really want to look as red-faced as Mr. Loudmouth back there.


I sat on the granite bench outside, loosened my tie and squinted up towards the sky, feeling the sun soak into my face. My skin was damp and I rubbed at the back of my neck.

Maybe this heatwave is the reason Mr. Hayward is sweating more than usual.

I was doubtful.

The latest influenza pandemic had been all over the news for days. Millions were said to have caught it.

The news channels somehow seemed to have been to each and every individual’s hospital bed, school or sports event covering it.

I’d switched off. If I was gonna get sick, I was gonna get sick. I didn’t need a blow by blow of man’s fight against the flu.

Besides, we all know how reporters think, hysteria sells, and I’m a calm minded guy.

The song by Jamiroquai in the Godzilla soundtrack popped into my head; there’s too much panic in this town.

A siren startled me and I whacked my elbow on the bench.

“Shit!” Well, I like to think I’m calm minded.
I ran my hand over the stubble on my face. As the sound faded I took in a deep breath feeling the sun still pouring down on me.

At least I’m out of the office.

It was stifling in there, and not because of the heat.

Ever felt like you’ve made one wrong decision after another? Well, that was pretty much my life.

I’d drifted from one bad job to the next, had even worse choice in ladies and my family, long gone. Thirty two years old, and my body and brain were both rotting in the prison that is corporate office management. I seriously needed some excitement in my life.

Another siren burst through the city noise, followed by the smell of smoke, harsh and drifting on the hot breeze. I dragged my eyes across the street to see clouds billowing a few blocks away. Suddenly a loud crash and what sounded like gunshots had me jumping to my feet.

What the hell?

Distant screams forced me to move and I instinctively ran back inside the office block.

I pressed the elevator button once, twice. “Damnit.”

I headed up the stairwell. Reaching the twelfth floor I doubled over, holding my chest and gasping for breath. Running down stairs was one thing, but running up them? “Fuck, I’m not used to this.”

My voice was ragged but at least I would be able to see what’s going on from up here.

Sweat lingered, thick in the air as I inhaled. There was something else I could smell but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I fell through the door half expecting to see Jen still hiding under her desk.

She wasn’t there.

“Where’d you go?” I said out loud to myself.

I rounded the corner, drawn towards the window and as the ground below came into focus, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Cars had piled up. Flames and smoke danced in the air and people were running, screaming.

My chest thumped as I pressed myself against the glass trying to see better.

More gunshots.

“What the fuck is going on?”

I heard someone come into the room. “Hey, Jen, put the news on. Something’s happening down there.”

No reply.

“Jen?” I said as I peered over my shoulder.

The sight had me reeling. I spun, slapping my back against the glass, causing it to vibrate.

It was Jen. I think.

She stood in the doorway, eyes glazed and blood covering the pallid skin from her mouth down. My natural urge to help was smothered by some strong instinct. Something was wrong. Jen wasn’t just hurt, she looked completely vacant and possessed, all at the same time.

She stumbled forward and as she did her jacket moved revealing a humongous whole in her chest. There’s no way this body should be alive, but she was still moving.

I slid along the glass and stopped behind a desk, cowering, like she had earlier in the day. “Jen?”

I rubbed my face, and blinked my eyes, trying to understand what I was seeing.

Blood dripped from her mouth as it slowly began to chew and she looked over in my direction.

She moved awkwardly on stiff limbs, with a slow, macabre rhythm. Suddenly I couldn’t help wondering whose blood that was around her mouth. Mr. Hayward was nowhere to be seen.

Jen, or Jen’s body, stumbled into the desk. Papers scattered to the floor as she dragged herself nearer, pulling her bloody torso across and over the top. A moan escaped her throat, deep and gurgling as she hit the floor, face first.

I stared as she dragged herself along the ground. I’d always hated horror films and this was like a scene straight from The Ring.

And I’ll be damned if I’m the first to go.

I backed up, almost tripping over the desk’s fallen objects. As I straightened myself I was all too aware of something pulling on the back of my blazer.

Spinning, I came face to face with another pair of glazed over eyes and blood-soaked teeth, Mr. Hayward.

“Whoa, shit,” I breathed.

A chunk of flesh hung from his neck.

I ducked and spun out of my jacket, escaping his grip.

Inches from me they were both covered in blood. The shocking sight and acrid smell churned my guts.

Jen grabbed at my ankles as Mr. Hayward closed in again.

I jumped over her mangled body and headed for the door, slamming it behind me.

I tried to catch my breath. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe. “What the fuck is happening?”

I nearly shit myself as banging began. For dead ‘things’ they sure were rattling the door hard. The sound ricocheted around the hall.

I looked over to the entrance of the stairwell. I was about a quarter of the way up the building and I wasn’t sure what to do; try my luck downstairs, in the chaos outside? Or head up to the roof and risk being stuck?

I crouched down, covering my face with my hands. “Think Liam, think.”

I heard wood splitting and jumped to my feet. It was now or never.

Happy reading!

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