About me

Created in 2017 for all you lovely English lovers, to get the buzz of creative juices flowing. Along with life changing possibilities and a new lease on life! So if you love stories and want to find out how I’m changing my not so glam life with my words and drive for something better, then stick around.

I want to encourage and inspire you all to never give up, there is always help you never knew existed. Plus some great creative writing. I’m still learning myself and have found a passion I didn’t remember having back in my school years! I’ve chosen to blog to help myself with my dreams, even if they do change – a lot! They’re still dreams. Also for experience in writing creatively and professionally and of course any help, you amazing people can offer.

Going back to college was one of the most frightening things I’ve done since having my 3rd child, but that’s another story! I knew I wanted a life change but wasn’t exactly sure what or how…. So my first hurdle is getting my grades in English and maths, and I’m halfway there, I’m not here to talk about maths, because me and numbers, not so good! But English…. wow I am loving it. It’s also why I am starting this blog!

So I’m 32, mother of three and I am slowly losing the will to live – Not anymore! Going back to college has really helped me to do something for myself and hopefully will get a career. I love being a mom but it’s all I know, so it’s time to shake the tree and branch out.

Follow me on my journey to wherever it may lead, my aim is to inspire and I look for inspiration from you. So please subscribe and watch this space.