Dark Mind

-My quick timed exercise in creating atmosphere. The subject given, darkness.

It’s the darkest night, it surrounds me like it’s suffocating, closing in on me.

The street lights all in a row, lighting up the smallest of sections of the night sky, fading into the distance. My eyes start playing tricks on my mind, with the shadows dancing and lurking in the corners of the dark street. My palms are clammy. I opening and close my fists trying to gain the control back into my body, as I tremble with fear I pick up my pace, with my footsteps echoing down the tunnel of darkness – clip clop, clip clop…..

I stand frozen like an ice-burg, chilling waves flooding through me. I scream inside, ‘run you stupid girl, RUN! But I can’t, I’m stood as still as the street lights like I’m cemented in the ground, unable to react to the horror I see before me. My breathing quickens and my heart is working over time, thud, thud, thud… “It’s breaking through my chest!!” I shriek, what is happening to me, the heat is burning from the inside out. It feels as though my veins are flowing with hot lava, entwining my body like tiny rivers connecting to the soul of my heart.

One by one, at the far end of the horrifying street, I hear a wave of broken glass echoing, louder and louder, one after the other, the street lamps pop! closer and closer the darkness draws in on me. I beg my mind to let me go, ” just let me run, please”, my tears run down my cheeks, burning as they torture me, rolling slowly down my face, each one feeling hotter than the last.

Closer, the darkness gets to consume me, to take me. A gust of wind shakes the anchor that’s holding me down, with the stench of rot burning through my nostrils, as it whips straight through me, knocking me off my feet. I’m laying here with the freezing cold stone against my back, looking up at the darkness-