Fairyloot – Unboxing

Hey, book lovers, my Fairyloot box came…. and I couldn’t be happier!! When looking into book subscription boxes I came across Fairyloot but I was too late…. I know, awful, right! I think a real tear actually escaped my blurry eye! So after that heartbreaking moment in my life, I ensured not to miss out again. I signed up as soon as the boxes became available…. and … Continue reading Fairyloot – Unboxing

After the Ending: Book review

After the Ending: Book one of The Ending Series A few facts: Author/s: Lindsey Pogue & Lindsey Fairleigh (YAY, Team Lindsey!) Genre: Romance, New Adult, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic Published: November 23, 2013 Publisher: L2 Books Followed by: Into the Fire Series: After the Ending Into the Fire Out of the Ashes Before the Dawn The Ending Beginnings World Before If you haven’t yet heard….. I’M OBSESSED … Continue reading After the Ending: Book review

OBSESSED! The Ending Series

So I screwed up….. I became HOOKED…. I became the FANGIRL!!!!   This series has me by the heartstrings and it’s dragged me in deep! Clearly obsessed and captivated by the whole thing. It wasn’t supposed to be like this….. I was supposed to write a review after each book…. “Go on Stevie, ‘After the Ending’ was great, amazing even, write a review on your blog…. … Continue reading OBSESSED! The Ending Series

Into the Shadows: Book review

Book review Into the Shadows – a few facts Author: Marie Jones Genre: Romance, Mystery, Suspense Publisher: lulu.com Published: 23rd December 2015 More from: The Edge – A short story The building tension and suspense is brilliant!! Maire Jones has no doubt an amazing talent at hooking you in right from the start! The contrast at the beginning with Lily talking herself in and out of … Continue reading Into the Shadows: Book review

Lost Words Wednesday!

My shelf is almost full!! I’m thinking possibly one more post next week, and I’ll have to wrap up “Lost Words” for a little while….. (until I convince my bloke to build me some awesome shelves!!) I’m sure you guys have seen them before, but the industrial pipe shelves are just AMAZING!!!! So I’m currently in the process of begging and pleading him to make me some! … Continue reading Lost Words Wednesday!

Lost Words Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Not much bookshelf left…… dang it! I think I will go shelf shopping pretty soonish. I also want to start sharing something different with you guys, so join me on filling up my “Listography” book 🙂 possibly starting in the next couple of weeks! But until then let me share with you, “my super awesome finds”, for this week. My super awesome finds: … Continue reading Lost Words Wednesday

The Book(ish) Box – unboxing

Hey readers, this is my second unboxing today. I’ve been super excited all day waiting to open up this, well, bookish box! It’s been sat on my kitchen counter with my other box, waiting patiently, for me to dive right in. Every time I’ve walked past them the anticipation inside has grown and grown until it became unbearable…… but with my daily “things to do” taking … Continue reading The Book(ish) Box – unboxing

Illumicrate – bookish box

Evening readers, hope you’re having an amazing Tuesday…… I am!!! I’ve had two most unexpected deliveries today! Well, maybe not completely unexpected…. (checking my emails and doorstep constantly since I’d subscribed!!!) But I not only had my beautiful Illumicrate box delivered but my one off Bookish box too! Had me jumping for joy…. in my pj’s…. but who cares, I’ve been sooo excited to receive these. If anyone is … Continue reading Illumicrate – bookish box

Subscriptions & Obessions!

It came!!!! My long awaited very first Lootcrate was delivered today, I was so excited to see it sat on my doorstep I nearly passed out! Just after jumping up and down for at least 6 minutes and shouting “Loot Loot Loot”, in a very sing-song voice….. my neighbours must have thought I’d gone slightly mad! With my heart racing and palms clammy I opened the box……… OMG! … Continue reading Subscriptions & Obessions!

Lost Words Wednesday – OMG

Evening readers! I cannot contain my excitement… (mentally jumping around like a crazy person!!) I need a bit of self-control I think, I had to force myself not to clear out the secondhand shops this week! So many super AWESOME finds!! I could of quite easily filled my bookshelf…. but then my Lost Words Wednesdays would come to an end, so I held back, just for you … Continue reading Lost Words Wednesday – OMG