Welcome to my portfolio.

‘Every book opens new windows, new doors to the most amazing places you could dream of – I don’t want to close the window, I don’t want to close the door. I like it here, I love it here. Reality sucks.’

Creativelit – Stevie Williams

So I’ve finally found some time to share my recent creative outbursts with you (if I don’t write these things down when the juices are flowing my brain might explode!) Here you’ll find little snippets of the worlds my mind takes me to, short stories, chapters and my own quotes (like above). So far my writings are only a few paragraphs long (perfect for a quick blog read of escapism, don’t you think 😉 ) but I’m hoping that these snippets from the rivers of my imagination will fill the void in my heart and complete a novel in the not too distant future.

The start of the ending

– One of my first attempts exploring the use of description in creative writing. My choice, an apocalyptic setting of course!  This was written under timed conditions in 45 mins so be kind and enjoy.

Dark Mind

-My quick timed exercise in creating atmosphere. The subject given, darkness.