It’s Not Always The End – fanfic by Stevie Williams

Hey guys, I really want to share my fanfic I did ☺️ As you all know I am a massive fan of The Ending Series by Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh. I had the chance to write my own story within their world. Here is a snippet and you can read the whole story on Wattpad. It’s Not Always The End Lily Stanfield, Oregon – … Continue reading It’s Not Always The End – fanfic by Stevie Williams

World Gone Wrong- Liam by Stevie Williams

Hey guys, A while ago I wrote a short zombie romance, called World Gone Wrong and my ideas didn’t stop there. I wanted to tell the story of how my characters met and what happened to them the day of the zombie apocalypse… so I got writing and didn’t stop. My plan is to give you a taste of their lives together then go back … Continue reading World Gone Wrong- Liam by Stevie Williams

I’m back from the dead 😁

Hey guys, forgive me for my absence but I’m back now and have a treat for you… actual FINISHED stories ☺️ I know right! Crazy! Anyway, I’ve joined Wattpad and that is where you can find my stories Wattpad If you’d like to read them please hop a long over to Wattpad by clicking on the link above. Follow me if you like! 😊 Happy … Continue reading I’m back from the dead 😁

Cover reveal ❤️ for my FanFic

Hey guys! Look at this! Eeeek! My very first book cover… swoon ❤️ The lovely Lulu Watson asked me if I’d like a cover making because she is practicing, dude, if this is a practice run then Jesus! Amazing! So, this is for the Ending World competition and I’m so hyped to get this out into the world of Fanfic. I’ll be releasing this on … Continue reading Cover reveal ❤️ for my FanFic

Stevie’s Starlets ⭐️

Hey lovelies. Ever feel like reality is a little on the boring side? How about daily routine getting a bit repetitive? Well I do, all the time… is why I’m drawn towards books. They’re my escape! Also why I find writing to be my rabbit hole, to jump in and disappear. So I thought I’d create a Facebook group, for fellow escape artists, like myself, … Continue reading Stevie’s Starlets ⭐️

Lost Words Wednesday!

My shelf is almost full!! I’m thinking possibly one more post next week, and I’ll have to wrap up “Lost Words” for a little while….. (until I convince my bloke to build me some awesome shelves!!) I’m sure you guys have seen them before, but the industrial pipe shelves are just AMAZING!!!! So I’m currently in the process of begging and pleading him to make me some! … Continue reading Lost Words Wednesday!

Lost Words Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Not much bookshelf left…… dang it! I think I will go shelf shopping pretty soonish. I also want to start sharing something different with you guys, so join me on filling up my “Listography” book 🙂 possibly starting in the next couple of weeks! But until then let me share with you, “my super awesome finds”, for this week. My super awesome finds: … Continue reading Lost Words Wednesday